What is a Freemason.

Freemasonry is a society of men who are concerned with moral and spiritual values.

It is a way of life that complements religious, community and family affiliations.

It is a school of instruction and a system of moral and spiritual philosophy as outlined in its rituals, lectures and teachings.

Put simply, Freemasonry is a code for living based on the highest ethical and moral standards, which strives to make good men better.

Freemasonry is NOT a religion! Neither is it a creed, or sect, or substitute for religion! It admits members from every religion. The great Victorian Age novelist, Rudyard Kipling (Jungle Book, The Man Who Would Be King), in passing through the 3 'degrees' to become a Master Mason in his home Lodge of Lahore, was 'Initiated' by a Hindu, 'Passed' by a Muslim and 'Raised' by a Christian....all of whom used the Bible each time, as the Volume of Sacred Law, because Kipling was a Christian. That Lodge would have needed the Bhagad Vita (for the Hindu), the Koran (for the Muslim) and the Bible for the Christian.

Its principal aims are:
(1) to promote the brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of the Supreme Being;
(2) to render practical aid to less fortunate members of the community;
(3) to develop such behaviour in daily life as will show that the teachings of the Order have a great and beneficial effect on all who sincerely take up its teachings;
(4) to encourage the practice of every social and moral virtue.

These aims are gradually promoted through ceremonies called “degrees”. Members continually sit through these ceremonies to revise, further appreciate and so teach what they have been through by "going through the chairs" (taking on Lodge offices). Involvement aids learning and appreciation.

It helps if you have an interest in history. Freemasonry will certainly enlarge your memory and learning skills! Freemasonry has been called the 'Brotherhood of Learning' and with good cause. You will never stop learning the very interesting points from this very old organization.

Anyone can find out what they want to know about Freemasonry, if they research hard enough (which says a lot about it being a secret organization)! But no-one can EVER have a true understanding and appreciation of these degrees UNLESS THEY ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE THEM.

Freemasonry is NOT a secret society .
Stickers on cars announce the membership of a particular lodge. Lodge members are active in the community, and Masonic meeting-halls are prominent throughout the world, attesting to this fact. For historical reasons, based on the old mason guilds of mediaeval times, it IS a society with secrets, and therein lays one of its attractions. In their ceremonies, Freemasons are sworn not to divulge these secrets.

We are proud to be called Freemasons.
There are quite a number of family members in Lodges, particularly fathers and sons. No father would ever place his son in jeopardy, but would lead him into something wholesome and worthy!


Membership is open to all men
          (1) of good reputation and integrity, of any race and religion,
          (2) who believe in a supreme being!
          (3) and who acknowledge obedience to lawful authority and the laws of the land in which they reside.

If you become a Freemason you will belong to a world-wide brotherhood. You can attend a Lodge meeting almost every day of the week, anywhere in the world, and you will have someone who will call you 'brother'